Conversation is a fundamental part of the research we engage in. While, as mathematical scientists, it is a given that deeply concentrated, distraction free thought is crucial to mastery and progress, it is also true that frequent interaction with others increases the rate at which progress is made and new ideas are injected into the awareness. Conversation is also powerful as an grounding antidote for thinking that has become tenuous or even untethered from important aspects of a larger perspective.

The Conversation

Starting Fall of 2019, I am starting an immersive seminar experience that is aimed at communicating deep ideas in a way that disrupts the silos in academia. While, because my focus as a mathematician is analysis heavy, there will be an over-representation of analysis topics, the conversation will be wide-ranging, including not only analysis and geometry, but also data science, statistical learning theory, mathematical physics, design theory, environments for innovation, and even immersive experiences focused on art and performance. The central property that these conversations will have is the great lengths they go to make the conversations understandable by a wider than usual audience. While we might not always succeed, the goal will be that anyone with enough interest to show up will get a a great deal from the conversation.

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Past Conversations

In the fall of 2013, I established the WSU Analysis Seminar which continued through the 2018/2019 school year, though it was run that year by Enrique Alvarado (with some help from Henry Reily) while I was on a full year sabbatical. Starting fall of 2019 I will not be running the WSU Analysis Seminar, but will occasionally still contribute if it continues to exist.

Link WSU Analysis Seminar Archive: Fall 2013 - Spring 2019

Historically, I organized and led the Analysis+Data group that created quite a few events. Before that, the Center for Geometric Analysis and Data was involved in organizing events and research activities of various kinds. Because of various factors, most importantly my work with industry, I have scaled back this activity for now. Here are some links containing information on some of those past activities and events.

Link to Analysis+Data Group

Link to Analysis+Data Community