Here you will find code to generate data, reproduce results, or simply use the methods that we invent or just simply use. While the code is believed to compute what it is claimed to compute, the code is being made available as a convenience, without guarantee. Some of the code authors are interested in comments and bug reports. These are noted in the folder containing the link for the download.

Image Data Analyzer

Latest IDA code and documentation releases.


Matlab functions for performing image denoising using the general p,q adaptations to the Tikhonov/ROF/L1TV family of functionals, including the implementation of various characteristic graphs.

Persistence examples

Sample programs used to demo various functions in Plex.

Flat norm tar-ball

Here is a simple set of m files based, like the next section, on Wotao Yin's graphcut code:

Flat norm signatures code

SVN repository of Matlab code that can be used to calculate signatures that appear in the Aug 2009 Multiscale Flat Norm Signatures paper. See readme.txt for usage instructions and for contact information.


Shape Dataset

Map Seeking Circuit Demo