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M.Sc (Applied Mathematics), University of Texas-Pan American Augest 2013

M.Sc (Applied Mathematics), Inner Mongolia University of Technology July 2010

B.Sc (Applied Mathematics), Shanxi Normal University July 2007


Inverse Problem

PDE and Imaging

Analysis plus Data


09/2014— Research with Prof. Kevin Vixie on Imaging, PDEs and Analysis plus Data

  • Washington State University, WA, USA

09/2011—05/2014 Research with Prof. Zhijun Qiao on Imaging and PDEs.

  • The University of Texas-Pan American, Texas, USA

09/2008—07/2010 Research with Prof. Zhong Wang on Operator and Spectral.

  • Zhaoqing University, Guangdong, CHINA

Courses Taking:

Nonlinear analysis; Mathematical modeling; Network optimization.

Current Reading:

Mathematical Problem in Image Processing, Gilles Aubert, Pierre Kornprobst.

Geometric Partial Differential Equations and Image Analysis, Guillermo Sapiro.

Image Processing and analysis, Tony F. Chan, Jianhong Shen.


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