2012 Summer School on Geometry and Data


The summer school took place July 9 - July 27, 2012 in Moscow, Idaho very close to the University of Idaho campus. The topic of the summer school was research at the intersection between geometric measure theory / geometric analysis and data analysis, especially in the presence of uncertainty. There were be 15 faculty and 4 TA's explaining the insights from about 20 papers, as well as the teaching supporting expertise that allowed the papers to be understood.



First Week Picture:


Third Week Picture:




Questions about how to get here, what accommodations are possible, dietary restrictions, etc. should be sent to Beata Vixie at bvixie@speakeasy.net and copied to Kevin R. Vixie at vixie@speakeasy.net.

How to Apply

Applications for admission should be sent to vixie@speakeasy.net with the subject line “CGAD 2012 Summer School Application:<your name>”. We are expecting to financially support about 20 graduate (or advanced undergraduate) students. Faculty and Students who can support themselves will also be admitted, but must apply for admission.

Update May 9, 2012: We have now given away all the financial support. You are welcome to come at your own expense, but you still must apply for admission.

The application should contain, or have attached:

  1. A current CV.
  2. Names of 2 references who you have asked to send letters for you. (Ask them to email the references to vixie@speakeasy.net with the subject line “Recommendation for:<your name>”.)

  3. A statement of why you want to attend, what background you have that equips you to take advantage of the material to be discussed in this summer school.
  4. copy of your transcripts (unofficial copy is OK).
  5. (No longer applicable -- we have given away all the financial support) Very important: indicate whether or not you are applying for financial support. We have money to cover 20 students.